How Do You Repair the Air Conditioning System in a Truck?

How Do You Repair the Air Conditioning System in a Truck?

In order to repair the air conditioning system in a truck, the problem must first be diagnosed, so the malfunctioning components can be repaired, and the diagnosis process requires checking the electrical system, refrigerant pressure and actual air conditioning components. After a proper diagnosis is preformed, the refrigerant must be emptied and then the actual component can be repaired.

There are several components that work in unison for an air conditioning system to work properly. These components include, but are not limited to, the compressor, evaporator core, condenser and fuses. Refrigerant is pressurized in order to flow through the A/C lines and cause the air to turn cold. If a leak occurs or a fuse blows, this system will not function. Use the following instructions to repair the A/C system in a truck.

  1. Diagnose the problem
  2. First begin by checking the fuses and air pressure. If a fuse is blown, replace it with the properly rated one. Alternatively, if the air pressure is low, move onto the next step.

  3. Refill the A/C system
  4. Refill the air conditioning lines so they have the normal amount of refrigerant inside of the system. Then, squeeze in some dye. The dye will flush out any leaks the system may have.

  5. Locate the leak
  6. Use a black light to find the leak from the air conditioning system. Once the leak is found, replace the component that is leaking.