How Do You Rent a Sleeper Van?


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To rent a sleeper van, try using a camper van rental company. Options include Lost Campers USA, Escape Campervans and Wicked Campers.

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Try getting a quote for renting a sleeper van from Lost Campers USA. This company offers camper vans to be picked up in California or Utah. Get a quote using the box on the left hand side of the official website, LostCampersUSA.com. Enter the city from which to pick up the van and the date and time the trip will start. Next, enter the details for the return of the van, including the city in which it will be returned. Enter the age of the youngest driver. After submitting this information, the price for rental and payment options will come up.

If pickup in California or Utah is not possible, try searching EscapeCamperVans.com, as this company operates to and from Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. To rent a camper van, get a quote using the same procedure as with Lost Campers USA.

If the locations or quotes for Lost Campers USA and Escape Camper Vans don't suit, try WickedCampers.com. This company operates on several continents. To get a quote, follow the same procedure as for the other companies.

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