How Do You Rent a Fishing Party Boat?

To rent a fishing party boat, determine the type of boat required, contact party boat rental companies and make a reservation. It is possible to apply for a fishing license online in most states.

Determine the particulars of the excursion, including the number of people involved, date, number of hours and acceptable price range. Choose a boat size depending on the number of people expected. Fishing party

boats typically carry 10 to 50 people depending on the size. Determining these factors beforehand helps to narrow down the options.

Next, locate two or three rental companies and contact them. Inquire about prices, amenities and extras, such as fish cleaning or complimentary soft drinks, and select the most attractive option.

Make a reservation for the day of the trip. Many boat rental companies require renters to pay a deposit or provide a credit card number to reserve fishing boats. Ask for details on what is allowed or not allowed on the party boat. Some companies do not allow alcoholic beverages on board, while some have restrictions for glass containers. Ask if the company provides bait, tackle and fishing licenses.

Arrive at the dock well before the scheduled departure time with all the necessary supplies. Supplies may include fishing tackle, snacks, beverages and coolers to hold fish. Carry protection, such as a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.