How Do You Rent Electric Scooters?

The method to rent a scooter varies depending on the company. Find electric scooter rental companies locally or online, such as Scootaround and RentItToday, and follow the instructions provided. To rent electric scooters from most online providers, provide personal information, book the scooter and choose a delivery method or pick-up location.

As of September 2015, Scootaround is a leading scooter and wheelchair rentals provider with over 1500 locations in North America. To rent an electric scooter from Scootaround, call the company's toll-free number, or visit Click Rent a Scooter, and browse the selection for the desired model. Alternatively, contact a customer service operator for advice and recommendations. Once a model is selected, click Rent Online.

In the Scootaround rental page, enter a location or event, and select the place from the drop-down list. Choose the delivery date and time, as well as the return date and time. Select the rental scooter from the available equipment list based on location. Pick a delivery option, and enter the payment method to finalize the rental.

RentItToday provides online rental listings from many different companies throughout the country. Under mobility scooter rentals, select the desired type of scooter, city and state. Matching companies are listed with instructions, contact information and rental information. Visit the company website, or contact the company by phone or email to book a rental.