How Do You Rent an Affordable Moving Trailer?

Affordable moving trailers can be rented through search engines that specialize in moving deals such as They can also be found through rental services that offer special deals, such as discounts for AAA members.

To rent an affordable moving trailer, follow the steps below.

  1. Search for a budget provider
  2. is a search engine for low-cost moving services. It searches for moving trucks and cargo vans as well as moving trailers. Enter a ZIP code, city, state or address in the search box and select trucks from the drop-down menu. Look for a supplier offering rental trailers in the search results, and go through to the company's website or contact details to book a rental.

  3. Use discount services
  4. If the prices for a moving trailer from budget providers is too high, look for sites that offer discounts on moving services. Penske Truck rental offers discounts for people such as AAA members, active duty military members, paralyzed veterans and college students.

  5. Pack the trailer for a discount
  6. If none of the above discounts apply, U-Pack is a service that offers budget moving services to people who are willing to pack their moving trailers themselves. U-Pack delivers an empty trailer, and the client has three days to pack it. U-Pack then collects the trailer and moves it to the new location. To rent a trailer from U-Pack, get a quote online at