How Do You Renew Your Vehicle Registration in New Jersey?

To renew your vehicle registration in New Jersey, access the website of Motor Vehicle Commission, State of New Jersey. Alternatively, renew the registration via mail using the address given in the renewal notice or in person at a local office of the MVC.

The MVC mails a vehicle registration renewal notice annually. While this notice is not mandatory for in-person renewals, it is required for renewals done online and via mail. Get in touch with MVC if you have not received the notice.

Upon accessing the MVC website, click on About Us tab towards the top of the page and then on Online Services on the left of the page. On the Online Services page, click on Renew Vehicle Registration under Vehicles, and follow the on-screen instructions.

To renew vehicle registration online, provide the PIN located towards the bottom right corner of the renewal notice. Also, provide the social security number, car insurance proof and credit card details for paying the renewal fee. Online renewals are accepted only for motorbikes, passenger vehicles, trailers that weigh below 55,000 pounds and pleasure boats.

All other vehicles are required to renew registration in person. To do this, provide personal identification documents; renewal notice, plate number or valid registration certificate; and car insurance proof and fee at a local office of the MVC. Registration renewal via this mode usually gets completed within a day.

To renew registration via mail, send the renewal notice, vehicle insurance proof and the money order or check towards the fee payment in the envelope sent with the notice. Alternatively, mail it to the address provided on the MVC website. Renewals via mail require a minimum of one week for processing.