How Do You Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Florida?


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The quickest way to renew a Florida vehicle registration is to use a Visa or MasterCard at the Florida DMV's GoRenew.com website. Simply supply the driver's information on the forms, and enter the vehicle's plate number. Provide the card number when prompted, and wait for confirmation of the registration.

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The State of Florida sends a registration renewal form by postal mail when a vehicle's registration is coming due. This form shows the fee due for the type of vehicle registered and includes information about the vehicle and owner. The form may contain errors if the owner's address has changed or if the vehicle was improperly identified during the initial registration. Corrections done by mail or in person are free, but the online service charges a fee payable with Visa or MasterCard.

Cash, check, credit cards and debit cards are accepted in person at DMV or tax collector offices throughout Florida. Simply bring the registration renewal form and current vehicle insurance information. For instant registration by phone using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card, call 866-467-3639, and follow the voice prompts with a touch-tone phone.

Although registration renewals are immediately processed by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, updated decals and registration cards are sent by postal mail. Expect a wait of up to 10 days to receive these items.

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