How Do You Renew Your DMV Registration in Pennsylvania?

It is possible to renew your Pennsylvania Department of Transportation registration online, at a messenger service office, at any Driver and Vehicle Service Center location, or by mail. The simplest method to renew your DMV, or PennDOT, registration is online. In order to complete an online renewal, you need the first eight digits of your title number, your license plate number, your odometer reading, all insurance information (company name, effective and expiration dates) and a printer.

If you plan to change your address via the online renewal portal, you need a valid driver's license number. Any transactions with a fee require a valid credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). If you plan to apply to renew your registration by mail or in person, an application is sent to your physical address prior to your renewal date. If you did not receive this renewal notice, complete a Request for Registration Form MV-140 and send the form and payment to the Department of Transportation in Harrisburg. All registration renewal motor vehicle forms are also available to download online, or at any Driver and Vehicle Service Center location or messenger service office.

As a Pennsylvania driver, you may choose to use a messenger service, motor club or notary to process your renewal. A fee may be charged to do so.