How Do You Remove a Wheel Bearing?


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To remove a wheel bearing, first remove the wheel, the brake and the hub. This opens up access to the wheel bearings and the race that they are set into. Removing a wheel bearing is time-consuming, but necessary if the wheel bearing has been damaged.

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It is possible to repack the bearings only on non-drive wheels on a vehicle. These are the front wheels for rear-wheel drive cars, and the rear wheels on front-wheel drive cars. Four-wheel drive cars have bearings that require professional understanding in order to remove and replace.

When removing a wheel bearing, make sure to use a car jack to lift the car properly. The bearings are found deep in the wheel mechanisms. In some car designs, bearings are located in the wheel hub. Remove these bearings by opening up the hub's grease seal to access the bearings within, removing spacers and using moderate force with an appropriate tool to remove the bearings. Bearings that have been removed or damaged need to be replaced for the wheel to function safely again.

Damaged wheel bearings render a car too dangerous to drive. This is because wheel bearings allow wheels to move easily during a drive and make the wheel lock up or move in an undesired way if they are damaged, potentially causing an accident.

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