How Do You Remove a Vehicle's Glove Compartment Box?

To remove a vehicle's glove compartment box, unscrew the box's arm, and remove the bolts located beneath the door of the compartment. Release the box from its tabs, and finally pull it gently out of its position in the dashboard.

Begin removing the glove compartment box of a vehicle by removing the lower cover of the dashboard. Open the door of the box, and empty it of all the contents. This gives you access to the arm affixed to one side of the box's door. Locate the screws that attach the arm to the door's side, and remove them using a Phillips screwdriver.

Shut the glove box's door, and locate two bolts beneath it. Undo the bolts using a socket wrench. Again, open the glove box's door.

To release the glove box from the tabs holding it in place, twist the box along with its door approximately 1 inch towards the left. This detaches the glove box completely. Also, detach the light connector of the glove box. Remove the box from the dashboard by pulling it gently towards you.

The exact procedure for removing the glove compartment box varies depending on the model of the vehicle. Read the owner's manual to know the precise method for your vehicle.