How Do You Remove Tree Sap From a Car's Exterior?


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Removing tree sap from a car requires applying a special chemical solution to the affected areas and scrubbing it off the vehicle. The process of removing the sap can be tedious and may require more than one coat of the solution to fully clean it off the vehicle.

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Tree sap is produced from carbon dioxide found inside the tree. The sap then seeps out depending on the condition of the tree and the weather. Sap can go unnoticed for some time but, once found, it is important to remove it as quickly as possible. Sap that is not removed can eventually seep into a vehicle's clear coat and ruin the paint underneath it. The following instructions explain how to safely remove tree sap from a vehicle.

  1. Clean the vehicle
  2. Sometimes, the sap is fresh and will be removed with a simple wash. Thoroughly rinse and wash the car with automotive soap and scrub areas covered with sap.
  3. Apply the sap removal solution
  4. Dry the car and spray the solution on the affected area. Cover the sap with a cloth for 30 seconds and wipe off. Repeat if necessary.
  5. Remove sap from glass areas
  6. Glass is less fragile to clean than paint. Spray the removal solution on the glass and use a razor to carefully scrape off any sap. When finished, use spray-on wax for protection against any more sap.
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