How Do You Remove Tint From Car Windows?

Remove unwanted window tint by spraying the film with an adhesive-dissolving solution. Cover the damp window with plastic and park the car in direct sunlight. After 60 minutes, carefully peel the tint off the windows. Remove leftover adhesive with a cleaning solution and #0000 grade steel wool.

  1. Mix the cleaning solution

    Fill a standard spray bottle with warm water. Pour two tablespoons of liquid dishwashing detergent into the bottle. Secure the bottle top and gently shake to combine the ingredients.

  2. Spray the window tint

    Liberally spray the cleaning solution directly on the window tint. Repeat until the entire tint is soaked.

  3. Cut black trash bags

    Cut large black trash bags in half. While the window tint is wet, place the bags directly on the windows.

  4. Park in direct sunlight

    Park the car in direct sunlight for 60 minutes. Heat created by the black trash bags and sunlight assists in dissolving tint adhesive.

  5. Spray every 10 minutes

    While the windows soak in the sun, gently lift the trash bags and spray the windows every 10 minutes. Replace the trash bags after spraying.

  6. Peel away tint film

    Remove the trash bags and with a straight razor, or pocket knife, careful lift a corner of the film away from the window. Once lifted, slowly peel off the film. Repeat on all windows.

  7. Check for leftover adhesive

    Once the tint film is removed, touch the window. If its surface feels sticky, or tacky, not all of the adhesive was dissolved.

  8. Spray with the cleaning solution

    Spray a liberal amount of cleaning solution directly on the leftover adhesive. Allow the cleaner to soak for several minutes.

  9. Scrub away the glue

    Gently scrub the window with a #0000 grade steel wool sponge. Clean in circular motions until the adhesive is removed.