How Do You Remove Swirl Marks on a Black Car?

Remove swirl marks on a black car by polishing the paint, according to A dual-action electric car polisher is an easy and efficient way to remove swirl marks.

Swirl marks are micro-abrasions on the surface of the car's paint, and they are often caused by an inexperienced technician's use of an electronic buffer, reports Swirl marks are easier to see on dark cars and are lighter than normal scratches. Because they are so shallow, swirl marks typically are much easier to remove through polishing than other types of scratches. Orbital dual-action polishers are ideal for use with swirl marks because they do not cause any additional damage to the car's paint. Two passes with an orbital polisher is a standard method for removing swirl marks, including the use of a fine-cut compound on the first pass and a finishing polish on the second.

The preferred preparation process for removing swirl marks involves cleaning the surface to be polished with a non-abrasive microfiber cloth and dewaxer to create a smooth surface, according to Paint Protection Direct. If the surface has a rough texture after cleaning, a clay bar used with a water-based dewaxer is necessary to ensure a smooth surface for polishing.