How Do You Remove a Sway Bar?

To remove a sway bar, first jack the vehicle onto a jack stand, and remove the bolts that attach the sway bar end links to the lower control arms using two wrenches. Remove the bolts attaching the brackets to the vehicle frame using a socket wrench, and then remove the brackets before removing the sway bar.

When attempting to loosen the nut that holds the sway bar end links to the vehicle, it may be necessary to soak the nut and stud with lubricating oil. Some mechanic shops use a special tool to hold the ball stud in place so that force can be applied directly to the nut, breaking it loose. It is possible to use two wrenches as a substitute for this tool by holding one wrench in each hand.

The sway bar of a vehicle helps control body roll experienced when cornering or when driving in windy conditions. The bars are typically mounted in brackets cushioned with rubber and must be replaced immediately upon removal. Driving any vehicle without the front or rear sway bars is not recommended, since the vehicle may behave erratically or suddenly exhibit dangerously poor performance on corners, especially at higher speeds or in inclement weather.