How Do You Remove Studs From Tires?

remove-studs-tires Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to Tire Rack, tire studs can safely be removed by pulling them from the tire treads. There is a small amount of preparation involved to access all of the studs, and the tires must be checked after stud removal to ensure that there is no damage to the tire. The newer the tire, the better the results of removal, as there needs to be sufficient tread of 6/32-inch or greater for the tire to operate in winter conditions after stud removal.

  1. Remove the tires

    Remove the tires from the vehicle using a jack and a tire iron. The work can be done on a single tire at a time, or the car can be placed on mounts to protect the wheels while the tires are off.

  2. Pull the studs

    Lubricate each tire stud with the same wheel lubricant used to mount the tires. The lubricant l helps smooth out the process of pulling the studs without tearing the tire threads holding them in place. Grab the end of the lubed stud with a pair of pliers, and pull it out from between the treads. Continue the removal process with each of the studs until all are removed.

  3. Check for holes

    Spray window cleaner over the treads of the tire while looking for air bubbles that identify areas of the tire that is leaking. If no bubbles are seen, then clean the tire with water, fill the tire with air to the manufacturer recommended level, and remount it.