How Do You Remove a Stuck CD From a Car Stereo?

The most successful method for removing a stuck CD from a car stereo is to pull the fuse, put it back in and then hold down the eject button on the CD player. Some car stereos have two fuses, so make sure that you pull the right ones.

  1. Find the car stereo fuses

    Access your vehicle owner's manual, and turn to the fuse section. Find the location of the car stereo fuses.

  2. Turn off the ignition to locate the fuse panel

    Make sure the ignition is completely off. Use the information you gained from the vehicle owner's manual to locate the fuse box. Then, remove the cover from the fuse box.

  3. Remove and replace the car stereo fuse

    Locate the car stereo fuse or fuses. Remove the necessary fuse or fuses, and wait several minutes before returning them to their appropriate sockets.

  4. Turn the ignition on

    Turn the ignition to the accessory position.

  5. Hold down the eject button

    Hold down the eject button for a couple minutes. Release the eject button, and then push the button one more time immediately after releasing. If the stereo has a red eject button, release it as soon as it comes on. Then, immediately push it again.