How Do You Remove a Sticker From a Car Windshield?

Removing a sticker from a windshield requires using a material to soften the adhesive and scraping it off with a straight-edge blade. There are several ways of doing so, such as using a razor blade with glass cleaner, commercial products or even peanut butter.

Certain stickers have to be legally removed every year before certain deadlines so drivers do not get fined. This leaves a tedious task of scraping the worn adhesive off the window. There are a number of different products to use to achieve this.

  1. Window cleaner
  2. Spray the window cleaner onto the sticker and let it soak. The cleaner will soak through the vinyl and loosen the adhesive from beneath. Slowly peel the sticker off using a razor blade to wedge it from the windshield.
  3. Peanut butter
  4. Spread peanut butter on the sticker and let it set. Scrape it off with a razor blade.

  5. Ice
  6. Place ice on the sticker. Cooling it helps freeze the adhesive so it can be easily scraped off.

  7. Rubbing alcohol
  8. Soak the sticker in alcohol. The alcohol strips off the adhesive backing and makes it easier to scrape off.

  9. Commercial products
  10. There are commercial products that use additives that specifically remove the adhesive. Soak the sticker in the product and remove it with a razor blade.