How Do You Remove the Starter on a Harley Davidson?


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Remove the starter on a Harley Davidson by first taking off the seat. Remove the battery and the fuse box and unplug the ECM harness. Take off other parts such as the oil pan, jackshaft bolt and lock plate and remove the starter using an Allen wrench.

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Getting to the starter of a Harley Davidson motorcycle is the most difficult part of taking it off. The process involves several steps.

  1. Take off the seat
  2. Remove the seat from the bike and disconnect the battery. Unscrew the fuse box mount and unplug the ECM harness.

  3. Drain the oil
  4. Drain the oil by taking off the drain bolt.

  5. Take off the oil lines
  6. Take off the oil lines by pulling the covers and attaching hardware away from the tank.

  7. Remove the oil tank bolts
  8. Remove the oil tank bolts which are behind the splash guard.

  9. Take off the ignition coil
  10. Remove the ignition coil by loosening and removing the bolts.

  11. Remove the starter motor jacket shaft
  12. Take off the jacket shaft by removing the 12 bolts holding it in place. Hold the pinion gear in place to keep it from spinning the starter motor.

  13. Unplug the solenoid wire
  14. Unplug the solenoid wire from the starter. Also unplug the circuit breaker wire.

  15. Remove the starter
  16. Using an Allen wrench, take off the two bolts holding the starter to the engine.

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