How Do You Remove a Starter?


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Removing a starter for replacement is a moderately challenging job. It requires basic tools, an understanding of the workings of the vehicle engine and battery, and the skills to manipulate several components of the vehicle. The starter is removed by detaching the wires, bolts, and support bar to release the component and removing it from the engine.

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Be sure to have all necessary tools handy in order to replace a starter easier, battery terminal puller, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches and sockets.

  1. Prepare the engine
  2. Be sure the vehicle is securely positioned on a ramp or lift before working. Do not attempt work on a vehicle that is supported only with a jack. If the vehicle has been  used recently, turn off the engine and allow it to cool fully before starting the project. Remove the grounded battery cable and carefully take note of the positioning of all of the wiring so the starter can be replaced accurately.
  3. Remove the connecting components
  4. After removing all of the wires that are attached to the starter and the solenoid, remove the bolts. These bolts, generally two or three, are attached to the mounting flange and are horizontal in relationship to the starter.
  5. Remove the starter
  6. Once the attaching bolts have been removed, remove the support bracket that holds the starter in place. If necessary, turn the wheels to release the starter. Allow the starter to drop down and remove it.
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