How Do You Remove the Seats in a Used Mustang?


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The process for removing seats from a used Mustang varies slightly by model; however, the basic process to remove the front seats is to remove the seat foot covers, remove the front and rear seat bolts, unplug the lumbar wiring harnesses and power seat track, and lift out the seat. To remove the back seats, first lower the seat backs, then remove all bolts or screws, and slide the seat back off the center pivot.

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How Do You Remove the Seats in a Used Mustang?
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The tools necessary to complete a Mustang front or rear seat removal are a ratchet, a 15 millimeter socket wrench, a 1/2-inch socket and Philips screwdriver (for coupe models only). Some Mustang convertible models have release clips that must be pushed in order to unlock the seat’s bottom cushion. This is a relatively simple project that most people are able to complete quickly and easily.

There are several reasons to remove the seats from a Mustang, which include interior restoration projects, carpet installations and overall vehicle weight reduction. The speed of a vehicle improves with the decreased weight of back and passenger seat removal.

The iconic Mustang is manufactured by Ford, an American automotive company. The Ford Mustang, in its sixth generation of production as of 2015, is both a road vehicle and race vehicle.

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