How Do I Remove Scratches From Alloy Wheels?

remove-scratches-alloy-wheels Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Repair scratches in alloy wheels by cleaning the surface, applying filler and sanding until smooth. Apply a new coat of silver wheel lacquer and clear coat. Polish with wet-dry sandpaper to feather the finish. The process requires several days.

  1. Clean the wheel

    Use paint thinner to clean the scratched wheel. Removal of all wax, dirt and grease is required for the paint to adhere properly. Sand the area immediately surrounding the damage and wipe clean.

  2. Apply the filler

    Use masking tape to protect the tire. Mix the spot filler according to label directions and apply to the damaged area. Sand until smooth, apply more filler and sand with a finer grit sandpaper. Repeat this process until the damage is filled and smooth.

  3. Spray with primer

    Mask any area where you do not want paint. Spray sandable primer over the spot filler. Remove any over-spray immediately from the other spokes of the wheel. Sand the primer until smooth once it dries. Clean the area to remove any dust

  4. Apply the lacquer

    Apply the silver lacquer to the damaged area. Spray a thin layer. Allow to dry overnight.

  5. Apply the clear coat

    Apply two coats of clear coat to give the repaired area the desired gloss. Apply the second coat after 20 minutes waiting time. Allow 24 hours to dry.

  6. Buff to a shine

    Use 2000-grit wet-dry sandpaper to buff the repair work to a shine.