How Do You Remove Rust From a Car?

How Do You Remove Rust From a Car?

You can remove rust from your car by grinding, priming and painting the affected area. Removing surface rust from your car prevents scale and penetrating rust, which compromises the metal structure and reduces its strength. Tools for removing rust include an electric handheld grinder, fine sandpaper, tape, auto body primer and paint.

  1. Prep the area

    Use an electric handheld grinder with a 150-grit paper wheel to remove the rust from the surface. Continue grinding the area to create a smooth surface for priming. Use a metal grinding wheel to remove any raised bumps and leftover rust that the 150-grit paper did not remove.

  2. Apply the primer

    With the rust removed, tape off the target spot to prevent the primer from affecting the surrounding areas. Apply up to three coats of primer to ensure the paint does not seep through to the surface below. Use fine sandpaper to smooth the area for painting. After adding the last layer, let the primer sit overnight to cure.

  3. Paint the area

    Use a matching auto body paint color to cover the primer. Apply at least three layers to ensure an even coat. Let the paint dry overnight before removing the tape. Finalize the process with a wash and wax the following day.