How Do You Remove and Replace the Water Pump on a Vehicle?


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To remove and replace a vehicle's water pump, locate the water pump and radiator, perform a pressure test, and drain the radiator into an approved container. Remove the drive or serpentine belts, disconnect the hoses attached to the water pump, and loosen the bolts securing water pump in place to remove it. Clean the mounting area where the water pump meets the engine, install the new gasket and water pump, and reassemble the belts before filling the radiator with coolant.

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To perform a pressure test, connect a pressure tester to the radiator, and apply the recommended amount of pressure to the system to test for leaks. Remove the drain plug, or the lower drain hose on the radiator to drain it. Place the bolts from the old water pump in a secure location, and use these bolts to install the new water pump.

After installing the new water pump and reassembling the hoses and belts, fill the radiator with equal amounts of coolant and distilled water, and repeat the pressure test to check the system for leaks.

Fill the overflow device on the vehicle with coolant, and start the engine with the radiator cap off. Allow the vehicle to run for several minutes, check the coolant levels, and add additional coolant if necessary. Replace the radiator cap.

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