How Do You Remove and Replace Rear Leaf Springs?

Replacing leaf springs requires lifting the vehicle, removing the suspension assembly and tires and replacing the springs. The leaf springs should be replaced on a flat level surface to ensure a safe repair.

Leaf springs are a simple suspension construction that has been used for thousands of years. Modern trucks generally use elliptic springs, which have leaves, or steel plates, piled on top of each other. The springs are often used on modern vehicles with shock and strut combinations.

In time, the leaf springs wear out and require replacement. The following instructions explain how to safely replace worn down leaf springs.

  1. Raise the vehicle
  2. Use a jack on the vehicles lift points and raise it. Secure the vehicle using jack-stands.

  3. Support the rear axle
  4. Use a jack to support the rear axle assembly.

  5. Remove bolts from lower shocks
  6. Loosen and remove the bolts from the lower shock absorbers. Lower the axle to release tension left on the springs.

  7. Loosen the shackle bolts
  8. Loosen the shackle bolts found on the front of the leaf springs, then remove them from and rear eye bolts that mount the springs to the chassis of the vehicle.

  9. Remove the leaf spring
  10. Lower and remove the leaf spring from the chassis.

  11. Install bushings on the new spring assembly
  12. Install front and rear bushings on the replacement spring and mount it to the chassis. Tighten the mounting hardware. Finish by reinstalling the axle assembly and wheels.