How Do You Remove a Radiator Safely?


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To replace a radiator safely, allow the engine to cool, and drain the water from the radiator into an approved container. Remove the fan shroud if necessary, and remove the hoses connected to the radiator. Remove the fasteners holding the radiator in place, pull the radiator straight up out of the engine to prevent bending nearby fan blades, and set it aside. Set the new radiator into place, replace the fasteners, hoses and fan shroud, and fill the radiator.

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How Do You Remove a Radiator Safely?
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After draining the radiator, immediately place the liquid into sealed containers away from children and pets, and dispose of the liquid according to local regulations. Pour sand, sawdust or cat litter over spills to prevent pets from drinking the fluid.

When setting the new radiator into place, use caution to prevent bending the aluminum fins on it, and do not bump nearby parts with the radiator to prevent damaging the radiator or other parts in the vehicle. Add the recommended amounts of antifreeze and water to the radiator and overfill container after replacing the fasteners, hoses and fan shroud.

Bleed the radiator if the procedure is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, and check the hoses and radiator for leaks. Check the transmission and oil levels in the vehicle after reconnecting the coolant hoses to ensure the fluids are at the proper level.

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