How Do You Remove Mold From a Car?

To remove mold from your car, find where the mold is growing from. If removing it from carpet or car seats, use distilled vinegar and a wet vac to eliminate the mold. If cleaning mold off trim, use a biological cleaner or diluted all-purpose cleaner and detailing brush.

Making sure you are wearing a face mask, open your car doors, and let the car air out for at least five minutes to release any mold spores. If the mold is on your car seats, fill a clean spray bottle with distilled vinegar, and completely saturate the mold with the vinegar, as well as a 1-foot diameter around the mold in case any new spores are just starting to grow. Let the vinegar sit for a minimum of 10 minutes without wiping it up. After this time, wipe up any mold residue using a cloth.

If the mold is in the carpet, use a wet vac to vacuum up any existing spores, then saturate the area with vinegar. After waiting 10 minutes, vacuum up the vinegar and residue. Make sure you thoroughly clean the wet vac after use to prevent spores from spreading.

If trim is affected by the mold, wipe it clean first using a biological cleaner, and then use a detailing brush to work in the cleaner to make sure the spores are completely lifted. Wipe clean with an all-purpose cleaner.