How Do You Remove a Mobile Home Bathtub?

Remove a mobile home bathtub by turning off the water, disconnecting the drain and water pipes, removing the tub surround rivets, and pulling out the tub surround. Then, unscrew and remove the tub.

  1. Turn off the water

    Find the water shut-off valve leading to the tub, and turn off the water. Turn off both the cold water valve and the hot water valve.

  2. Remove pipes from the drain

    Take apart the p-trap, and unscrew the pipe from the tub drain.

  3. Remove the faucet from the waterlines

    Using a wrench, unscrew the faucet from the back of the tub. Remove the faucet and handles.

  4. Remove the surround

    Cut off the head of the rivets on the surround with a knife. Then, use a utility knife to loosen the caulk around the perimeter of the surround. Once the surround is loose, pull it off with your hands. Do this carefully to prevent damage to the wall.

  5. Remove the screws from the tub's lip

    Using a drill or battery-operated screwdriver, remove the screws from the lip of the tub.

  6. Lift the tub out of the space

    Once you remove all the screws from the lip of the tub, ask a friend to help you lift the tub out of the space.