How Do You Remove and Install Struts?


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To replace a strut, jack up the vehicle, remove the wheel, disconnect the brake line support, unfasten the pinch bolt that holds the strut in place, pry the sway bar downward, unsecure the top strut bolts, and replace the link that connects the sway bar to the strut with a new one. Replace all the accessory assemblies, reversing the disassembly process, and test the installation.

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Jack up the vehicle with a hydraulic jack, and support the vehicle with jack stands. Unbolt the wheel with a wrench, remove it, and set it aside. Pry out the bracket that holds the brake line in position, and remove the brake line. At the bottom of the strut, remove the pinch bolt that is securing it in position.

Pry off the bracket mounting the sway bar, and release the sway bar downward to reveal the link that joins the bar to the strut. Place a floor jack underneath the brake disc, and slightly jack it up to depressurize the strut. Unfasten the top bolts that secure the strut in place, and set them aside for later use.

Remove the link, which connects to the bottom and top of the sway bar and strut respectively. Grease the joints with an appropriate lubricant, and fix the replacement link in place. Reinstall all the removed parts according to specifications.

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