How Do You Remove the Ignition Lock on a Ford Focus?


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To remove the ignition lock from a Ford Focus, first disconnect the battery ground cable. Remove the interior lower panel, and detach the steering column upper shroud. If equipped, remove the audio control switch, then remove the lower shroud from the steering column. Lastly, remove the ignition lock cylinder.

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To remove the interior lower panel, look for four screws underneath the steering column. Two are located close to the steering column and two in the far corners of the panel. Once the screws are off, remove the entire panel by locating a fastener that is towards the middle and left of the panel. With this panel off, the steering column's upper shroud comes off by releasing the clip on either side of it using a flat head screwdriver. Use this screwdriver to release the locking tang on the audio connector, if there is one, and unplug it.

Release the steering column's locking lever and remove any screws holding the lower shroud in place. At this point, you can remove any stuck ignition key, if this was the issue. Re-insert the ignition key and turn it to the accessory position, once to the left. With a thin bladed screwdriver, press into the small hole at the top of the cylinder. Remove the lock cylinder and the key. To install a new lock cylinder, simply do everything in reverse.

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