How to Remove Ice From Car Doors?

Removing ice from a car's door or window requires an ice-removal tool which safely allows a user to scrape it off the body of the car. Ice scrapers have unique edges that push off the pieces of ice without harming the vehicle's paint. De-icing solutions are also available to help melt frozen areas.

Cold winter mornings create the perfect environment for ice to form on car doors and windows. Safe removal of the ice requires a special tool, called an ice scraper, that allows the user to safely position its edge under the ice and remove it. Ice scrapers are soft enough to push the ice off without harming the glass underneath.

De-icing Products

Alcohol-based products offer another tool to remove ice from automobile glass and doors. Spraying or pouring the alcohol on to the frozen areas causes the ice to melt. Once the ice has thawed, it can be pushed off of the car by hand or with the use of an ice scraper.

The Dangers of Incorrectly Removing Ice

Conventional scraping tools and shovels will not work well with frozen glass or car doors. These tools have the potential to scratch and ruin the body panels of the car. Pouring hot water to loosen the ice on glass is also dangerous. The extreme cold temperature immediately mixing with the hot water can cause the glass underneath to shatter.