How Do You Remove a Headlight Switch?


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To remove a headlight switch, detach the stalk of the headlight or the turn signal from the vehicle's steering column if the switch is present on the stalk. In vehicles with the headlight switch within the steering column, remove the cover of the column, and undo the screws of the headlight switch. Finally, disconnect the wiring to the switch.

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Begin removing a headlight switch by disconnecting the wire that goes to the negative terminal of the vehicle's battery. To do this, make the nut of the clamp of the wire loose by rotating it in a counter-clockwise direction using a socket wrench.

To detach the stalk of the headlight or turn-signal, pull it away from the steering column's side in a straight direction. Alternatively, press the release tab to undo the lock of the stalk, and then pull the stalk away from the column.

To remove the cover of the steering column, undo the screws that secure the cover in place, and pry the cover off the column. Now, unscrew the headlight switch's screws with a screwdriver, and unplug the wire that goes to the switch.

Refer to the vehicle's owner's manual to determine the specific instructions for taking out the headlight switch.

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