How Do You Remove a Fuel Pump?

remove-fuel-pump Credit: Lizalica/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Replace the fuel pump in a car by relieving the pressure from the fuel lines, disconnecting the battery, draining the fuel tank and removing the back seat from the vehicle to expose the access door. Remove the access door, the fuel lines, the pump and the electrical lines.

  1. Relieve the fuel pump pressure

    Start the car, and remove the fuse for the fuel pump. In a few seconds, the car should stop running due to a lack of fuel.

  2. Disconnect the battery

    Remove the negative terminal from the battery to prevent any electrical sparks when working with the fuel.

  3. Drain the fuel tank

    Use a manual pump to drain the gasoline into approved containers. If the tank is full when you start, you need several containers.

  4. Remove the back seat of the car

    Most manufacturers place the fuel-pump access door under the back seat. In some cars, it is in the trunk. If you do not find a door, you likely have an external fuel pump.

  5. Open the access

    Tp access the pump remove the screws or nuts that hold the door in place.

  6. Remove the fuel line and electrical connection

    Remove the fuel line from the top of the pump. Disconnect the electrical wire from the fuel pump.

  7. Remove the pump

    Remove the bolts holding the pump in place, and lift it out of the gas tank.