How Do You Remove a Fuel Oil Tank?


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To remove a fuel oil tank, drain the tank, remove the fuel lines, drop the rear suspension, loosen the straps and remove the tank. This task requires several things, including fire extinguisher, floor jack, hose clamp, gas storage container and fuel lines. Sockets, wrenches and others tools are also necessary.

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First, take precaution by relieving the fuel pressure and draining the oil into a storage container. Some tanks feature a drain cock, making it easy to drain the fuel. After draining the tank completely, remove the lines connecting to the tank. The tank has more than one line so it necessary to disconnect all of them. Shooting the setup of the tank before taking it apart is helpful.

Dropping the rear suspension is not necessary for all type of vehicles. If the car requires removal of the rear suspension to remove the tank, ensure that a floor jack is in place supporting the assembly. Inspect the car to determine if it's easy to remove the tank together with the rear suspension. If not, disconnect the fitting on the rear shock absorbers and pull the suspension down. Use the jack to lower the assembly to the ground. Loosen the metal straps holding the tank and remove the tank.

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