How Do You Remove the Front Fender of an Automobile?


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To remove a front fender, remove all of the necessary connective screws, nuts and clips, and take the fender off the vehicle. Inspect the bumper to determine whether to remove the full bumper apparatus instead of just the front fender.

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Wear appropriate safety gear, which may include safety glasses, latex gloves and closed-toe shoes. Take off the retainers for the fender liner and those that hold the fender to the front bumper. Retainers come in different forms, which include screws, clips, push-on nuts or rivets. Determine whether the entire bumper needs to be removed. Open the hood, and secure it with the hood prop. Remove the headlamp assembly, park lamp, and/or turn signal. If an antenna mask is in place, remove it as well. If the vehicle has rocker molding, remove the front-end by removing any necessary screws and/or clips.

Take off the under-hood fender bolts and the fender bolts located under the rocker molding. You can now remove the fender from the vehicle. If you are replacing the fender, check the apron and a-pillar behind the fender for any other damage, and remove any mud guards, moldings, rear shields, rear insulators, emblems, nameplates or reflectors from the existing fender.

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