How Do You Remove the Front-End Loader From a Tractor?


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To remove the front-end loader from a tractor, remove the wedge pins that connect the tower columns on each side to the tractor frame. Unscrew the two bolts connecting the front loader bar to the frame, and then lift each tower column straight up, and push in the kick stand. Disconnect the hydraulic lines, and complete the removal by backing up the loader. While the process varies somewhat based on the tractor, most front-end loader removals follow this general procedure.

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Before starting the removal process, park the tractor with the wheels straight and the front-end loader lowered to the ground. Choose a level location with firm ground.

The left and right tower columns each have two wedge pins to remove. Use a racketing socket wrench to remove them. When removing the wedge pins on the tower column and the bolts on the front loader bar, use a mallet to start if they are too tight.

Lift the tower columns by hand. Before disconnecting any hydraulic lines, move the loader joystick around, as this removes pressure in the lines. Otherwise, hydraulic fluid may spray when you disconnect the lines. To disconnect a line, push the coupling up, and pull its sleeve down. After disconnecting all these lines, close the hydraulic valve that transfers the hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic in-line.

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