How Do You Remove a Dent With a Suction Cup?


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To fix a small dent using a suction cup car dent puller, clean the dented area properly, ensure the knobs are thoroughly loose, and apply the dent puller adhesive to the suction pads. Next, place the dent puller on the damaged area, spread its arms, keep the pads in a firm position for five minutes, and let the dent puller stay in place for six hours. Gently twist the central pad afterward to pull out the dent.

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Clean the dented region by rubbing with soap and washing off thoroughly with water to ensure the suction cup adhesive sticks well. Review the instructions on the car dent puller package to know how to arrange the knobs at the end and in the middle.

After loosening the knobs and applying the adhesive onto the suction pads, position the car dent puller carefully, ensuring that the central pad lies in the center of the dent, and leave 2 to 3 inches of space from the edge of the dent and the other pads.

When the adhesive is fully dry after six hours, slowly pull out the dent by turning the central pad counterclockwise without breaking the adhesive bond. Remove the adhesive and pads by turning the outer pads. Scrape any remaining adhesive gently using a flathead screwdriver, and wipe off the area using a safe car cleaner.

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