How Do You Remove Decals From Jayco Campers?


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To remove decals from an RV camper, one technique is to use a special attachment on the end of a drill. Other techniques for removing decals involve using a heat gun or an adhesive remover.

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To remove a decal using a drill, attach a 3M Stripe Off Wheel into a 3/8-inch drill. The company specifically designed this attachment to remove decals and stripes without damaging the paint below. The 3M Stripe Off Wheel is available at Amazon.com. Reviewers describe it as being effective for removing decals that have been baked on by the sun.

To remove a decal using a heat gun, set the gun on its lowest setting. Hover the gun about 4 inches over the decal, being careful not to keep the gun in one place for more than a few seconds. Increase the heat if the lowest setting does not sufficiently lift the decals off the camper.

An alternative to using a drill or heat gun is to use an adhesive remover product, such as Goof Off or 3M general purpose adhesive remover. Wearing gloves, fold a paper towel in fourths, and saturate with adhesive remover. Rub the towel directly on the decal. Use the edge of a credit card or a razor blade to scrape off the decal.

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