How Do You Remove Decals From a Ford Truck Without Damaging the Paint?

Options for removing decals from a Ford truck without damaging the paint include using heat to soften the adhesive and peeling the sticker off or using an automotive eraser wheel. To heat the decal, use a hair dryer or park the vehicle with the decal facing the sun. To use the wheel, insert it in an electric drill and rub away the decal.

Most vinyl decals use a heat sensitive adhesive. By warming it, it is often possible to lift the corner of the decal and peel most of it off the vehicle. Use an adhesive removal product to remove the final traces of the decal, and then wash the car to remove the chemical.

The design of eraser wheels allows them to operate at speeds of up to 4,000 revolutions per minute without damaging the underlying paint. The eraser wheel is not for use on lacquer finishes.

Before each use, the wheel should be dressed-off using an open rasp. Start the drill motor and apply the spinning wheel to the edge of the decal, using light pressure. It should quickly start to remove the decal. Move the drill motor so the rotation of the wheel lifts the leading edge of the decal. Once the decals are off the vehicle, use rubbing alcohol to clean the area.