How Do You Remove the Dashboard in a Ford Focus?


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To remove the Dashboard in a Ford Focus, first disconnect the battery negative cable. Wait for 10 to 15 for the vehicle to cool before removing the airbag system. To perform this task, you need pliers, Ford radio hook tool, and a socket wrench.

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Open and squeeze the glove box door outer panel to remove the door and the two air bags clips. Carefully pry out one corner of the passenger’s airbag trim cover using the flat-head screwdriver and lift it out of the dashboard to disconnect the electrical modules and clips.

Remove the steering wheel panel lower part, the trim panel to its left and the one on the driver’s side of the dashboard. Remove the upper part of the steering column to access the instrument panel screws, removing them to unplug the electrical modules from the rear. Remove the trim panels connecting the floor center console to the dashboard.

Unscrew the bolts behind the center dash air vents and remove it. Using a Ford radio hook, release the radio clips on the dashboard to remove the radio safely. Disconnect the modules from the air and the antenna cables. From end-to-end, unscrew the bolts from the top of the dashboard and lift it from the car.

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