How Do You Remove a Dashboard From a Car?

How Do You Remove a Dashboard From a Car?

To remove the dashboard from a car, disconnect its battery, and take out the glovebox. Unscrew and remove the lower portion of the dashboard, detach the radio and its wiring, and unscrew the dashboard's top portion. Disconnect all the wiring of the dashboard, and pull it out.

Remove the negative cable to disconnect the battery of the car. Place the cable away from the metal parts of the car to prevent electrical sparks and resulting damage to the dashboard.

To undo the glovebox, remove its screws with a screwdriver, and unhook the clips and fasteners that keep the door of the glovebox in position. Loosen the lower portion of the dashboard, and place it on the floor board.

Detach the radio of the vehicle by undoing its faceplate and removing the screws of the radio bracket. Disconnect all the wiring behind the radio, and gently pull the unit out.

To detach the dashboard's top portion, loosen and take out the screws. Additionally, remove the screws at the sides and beneath the dashboard, and gently pull the loosened dashboard forward.

Access the dashboard from underneath to disconnect the electrical wiring for all the devices and gauges on the dashboard. Label the wires when disconnecting to make reconnecting easier. Finally, slide the dashboard out, and take it out of the car.