How Do You Remove a Dashboard?


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To remove a dashboard, loosen the retaining screws from the bottom panel, and remove the panel. Repeat this process with the top panel, and release the spring clip fasteners on the instrument cluster to remove it. You need panel removal tools, a non-marring tool and nylon pry tools.

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How Do You Remove a Dashboard?
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  1. Disconnect the battery

    Remove the cable from the negative terminal on the battery.

  2. Remove the radio

    Position the radio removal tools, and pull the radio away from the panel.

  3. Remove the bottom panel

    Consult the exploded diagram for your vehicle to determine the order in which the panels must be removed. Otherwise, remove each retaining screw from the bottom panel, and pry it off.

  4. Remove the top panel

    Use the same technique to remove the top panel once every retaining screw has been revealed.

  5. Remove the remaining panels

    Consult the exploded diagram again, and use the same method to remove any panels that remain.

  6. Loosen the instrument cluster

    Use a non-marring tool to pry off one corner of the instrument cluster, and disengage the spring clip fasteners with a nylon pry tool.

  7. Remove the instrument cluster

    Release the lock tab from each electrical wire connected to the instrument cluster, and pull the device out of the panel.

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