How Do You Remove Clear Coat From a Car?

To remove clear coat from a car, use wet/dry sandpaper, water, rubbing compound, touch-up paint and a dry, soft cloth. The amount of damage sustained to the clear coat determines to what degree it can be restored.

Removing clear coat paint is not an easy job, but it is possible. Follow the steps below to remove clear coat paint and begin restoring a car.

  1. Remove rough edges from the clear coat
  2. Remove rough edges from the clear coat using wet/dry sandpaper. Begin by wetting the sandpaper lightly, and then sand the damaged spot in a circular motion, and continue sanding until there are no more rough edges.

  3. Use mild rubbing compound to remove scratches
  4. Next, use a mild rubbing compound to remove any scratches made by the sandpaper. Rinse off the residue left by the rubbing compound and the sandpaper. Give the surface time to try.

  5. Remove heavy scratches
  6. For heavily scratches areas where scratches go through the clear coat into the base coat, smoothing the edges of the clear coat is not enough. Instead, use touch-up paint to cover up the damaged paint below. Choose touch-up paint from the car's manufacturer to find the best color match for the car, applying the paint as directed by the manufacturer.