How Do You Remove a Center Console?


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Remove the center console of a vehicle by pulling off the parking brake lever boot parts attached to the center console, detaching the shift knob if you have one, removing any radio panels, and removing the relevant screws and clips to take off the center console. The process of removing a center console can change from vehicle to vehicle, and the process for reinstallation is the exact reverse of the order of item removal.

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Center consoles can be complex, and removal instructions vary because different models of vehicles have different components installed and communicating in the console area. Interior trim pieces around a center console are often held into place with plastic clips or metal screws. Use a plastic prying tool to pry out trim panels, switches and electrical accessories without scarring the trim. If you don't have a plastic prying tool, wrap the tip of a screwdriver with masking tape.

Guides aren't always accurate with regards to the sizes of fasteners like nuts and bolts. If you bring your car in for servicing, parts are sometimes replaced with different nuts and bolts, so keep a range of tool sizes handy. Don't forget to disconnect the battery if you're going to be tampering with the electrical system during the removal of your center console.

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