How Do You Remove Bumper Stickers?

How Do You Remove Bumper Stickers?

To remove bumper stickers, apply a spray lubricant to the adhesive part of the sticker, and peel it back piece by piece. You need a razor blade, a can of multipurpose penetrating lubricant spray and an adhesive cleaner approved for use on vehicles.

  1. Peel back one corner

    Use a razor blade to peel back one corner of the bumper sticker. Do not scratch the paint.

  2. Apply the lubricant

    Spray the lubricant on the back of sticker.

  3. Peel the sticker

    Peel the sticker slowly, applying additional lubricant as needed.

  4. Remove the leftover residue

    Use the adhesive cleaner to remove leftover residue from the bumper.