How Do You Remove a Broken Lug Nut?

Removing a damaged wheel nut requires using several different types of techniques that can loosen the nut from the stud. There are also specialty sockets available that have rigid grooves along the inside surface, which secure it onto the damaged lug nut so it can be loosened.

Lug nuts can rust onto a wheel stud when driven through harsh environments. When this occurs, the lug nut is difficult to remove and can result in a stripped stud. The following instructions explain how to safely remove a seized lug nut from a vehicle.

  1. Spray penetrating fluid onto it
  2. Take some penetrating lubricant and spray it onto the lug nut. It is best to wait at least 24 hours so the fluid can break down any rust on the nut.

  3. Strike the nut with a hammer
  4. Hit the stripped nuts with a hammer. Doing so hopefully removes some of the rust from the bolt so it can be removed by hand. If it fails, proceed to step three.

  5. Use heat and relief cuts
  6. Use a combination of heat and relief cuts to break the nut off. Take a blow torch, heat the nut and use relief cuts to help it expand. If this fails, proceed to step four.

  7. Drill the nut out
  8. Grab a drill and remove the nut. This removes the stuck lug nut, but also destroys the existing wheel stud.