How Do You Remove the Body Side Molding on a Car?

Heat the molding, pull it off, remove any remaining adhesive and scuff marks, wash the area, and polish and wax the uncovered places is how to remove body side molding from a car. This process is for a vehicle with side molding that is attached by an adhesive. If your vehicle's molding is attached by another method, this process may not work.

Park the vehicle in a warm place. If it is cold outside, park it in a garage. The adhesive adhering the molding releases better when the car surface is warmer.

Use a hair dryer at one end of the molding to heat it until the adhesive begins to loosen. Peel up the end of the molding with a gloved hand or gently using a putty knife. Pull the molding up slowly and evenly. Continue to heat the molding with the hair dryer in advance of the area that you are pulling until the entire length is removed.

Dampen a rag with a small amount of adhesive remover and wipe it on the areas of adhesive that remain on the vehicle after the molding removal. Allow the adhesive to soak in and then gently scrape it off with a putty knife. Rub out any scuff marks left from the process with a polishing compound.

Wash the vehicle with soap and water making sure any remaining adhesive remover and rubbing compound are completely removed. Finish the newly exposed surface.