How Do You Remove the Battery Disconnect Switch on an RV?


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To remove a battery disconnect switch, first unbolt it from your vehicle. If the switch is concealed, use a drill to remove it from its hidden location. Required tools for this job include a Phillips-head screwdriver, a cloth or rag to clean battery connection points and a drill.

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Remove the switch's wiring from the battery. RV switches are wired between the battery cable and the positive battery pole. Disconnect the battery's positive and negative terminals before you begin.

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the switch wiring from the positive end of the battery cable. Store the switch and its wiring apparatus in a dry place to keep them in good working order. After disconnecting the switch's wiring, clean the battery poles. Pay attention to the spaces between the terminal connections and to the area inside the cable clamps. Properly cleaned connection points look shiny, not filmy; taking this step helps maintain the battery and improve connections.

Reconnect your RV battery. Locate the disconnect switch and unbolt it from the frame. If the switch is concealed, you may need to remove other parts to reach it. Carefully collect all parts and set them aside with the wiring apparatus. Some models of disconnect switch feature removable knobs to prevent theft; if your switch includes a knob, reattach it to the unit to keep it secure.

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