How Do You Remove Baffles From Motorcycle Pipes?

How Do You Remove Baffles From Motorcycle Pipes?

To remove baffles from motorcycle pipes, take out the exhaust of the vehicle, hold it in a vice, and drill through all the baffles. Re-jet the carburetors while drilling. Finally, reattach the exhaust to the motorcycle.

Begin removing the baffles from motorcycle pipes by checking the owner's manual to examine how the vehicle's exhaust system is attached. Normally, it is secured using two bolts each at the bike's rear end and the cylinder head.

Position the motorcycle on its stand. Detach the exhaust from the bike using a socket wrench and sockets of suitable size. Cover the exposed cylinder head holes to prevent debris and moisture from getting into them.

Cover the exhaust with shop rags, and use a vice to clamp it in place. Attach a metal 3/8 or 1/2-inch cutting bit to a hand drill, and insert it into the muffler's end. Operate the drill to bore through the first two motorcycle baffles. Re-jet the vehicle's carburetors, and drill through the remaining baffles. Generally, motorcycles have three to four baffles.

After drilling through all the baffles, remove the exhaust from the vice, and replace it on the motorcycle. Before reattaching the exhaust, check the owner's manual to confirm the torque specifications of the exhaust's bolts, and tighten them accordingly.