How Do You Remove the Baffles on a Motorcycle Exhaust?


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Remove the baffles from a motorcycle exhaust pipe by taking the exhaust from the motorcycle, placing the exhaust system into a vice, drilling through each baffle and removing the pieces from the pipe. Install the exhaust system back onto the motorcycle to complete the project.

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Consult the motorcycle's user manual to determine how many baffles the exhaust system houses and how the exhaust connects to the motorcycle. Carefully remove the exhaust system, and clamp it into a vice, using shop rags or other fabric to protect the finish. Form a 1/2-inch hole in the exhaust pipe to work a handheld drill down the outlet hole until it doesn't go any further, meaning a baffle is present.

Try to center the bit on the baffle, and drill through the center. Repeat this step for each baffle while removing any loose pieces, but keep in mind you may need to re-jet the carburetors if drilling through all baffles. Using the screws and other hardware removed previously, install the exhaust system back onto the motorcycle. Ensure all bolts are connected and tightened according to manufacturer instructions. Turn on the motorcycle to test the exhaust tone, and make any desired adjustments before completing the project.

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