How Do You Remove an Axle Shaft?


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To remove an axle shaft, remove the wheel and the wheel hub from the car, and then pull out the shaft. Jack up the car before attempting this task.

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To access the axle shaft, park your car on a flat ground, and jack it up. Be sure that the jack supports the car's frame to avoid damaging other parts on the car. Once you access the shaft, remove any hub cap from the wheel by prying it out with a flathead screwdriver. Using a tire wrench, loosen and remove all the nuts that attach the wheel to the hub, and set the wheel aside. Using a pair of pliers, pull out the cotter pin from the central hub, and use an impact wrench to loosen off the central hub nut. If the brake caliper is attached to the wheel, remove the attaching bolt.

To remove the wheel hub, first place a receptacle directly underneath the transmission to hold any fluid that drips, and unscrew the nut that is located at the tie rod end. Wrench out the control arm from the steering knuckle, dislodge the wheel hub from its location so that it detaches from the strut, and repeat the process on the opposite side of the shaft. Finally, pull the axle shaft from the transmission, prying it out with a screwdriver as needed.

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